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Why choose Vision Scotland?

We understand that you have a choice of clinics. We also know this is a really important decision for you. We hope you choose safe, effective treatment and friendly care with Vision Scotland.

Cat, Optometrist at Vision Scotland

Prompt care with Vision Scotland

With Vision Scotland, we can usually provide initial assessment, surgery and follow up care within 6 weeks of you contacting us.


Our vision correction surgeons perform over 4,000 eye surgeries every year and offer world class low complication rates.

Diagnostic testing for RLE surgery at Vision Scotland
Directors of Vision Scotland, Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr Sanjay Mantry

Choose your surgeon

As with everything in life, surgeons are not all the same. Some are more experienced than others, some have lower complication rates and some are specialists in vision correction surgery. At Vision Scotland our surgeons are amongst the safest and most experienced eye surgeons in Europe.

Choice of lens implants

NHS hospitals typically only offer one type of lens implant called a monofocal aspheric lens. While these lenses are good quality, there are many other lens options available. At Vision Scotland we will make sure your lens implant is matched to your individual lifestyle, eye measurements and expectations.
Vision Scotland Optometrist Cat talking to a patient
Mr Ross discusses cataract surgery


Has your personal schedule changed at the last minute? Do you need to postpone or reschedule cataract treatment to a different date which suits you? No problem. Vision Scotland can be flexible to suit you.

More thorough testing

Our diagnostic tests are state of the art, carried out by some of the best Optometrists in Scotland.
Eleanor, Optometrist at Vision Scotland
Mr Sanjay Mantry talking to a patient about RLE surgery

Unrushed appointments

Have you ever had an appointment with a doctor which felt rushed, then left without discussing everything on your mind? We will always give you all the time you need. Vision Scotland assessment appointments are often more than an hour from start to finish.

Continuity of care

Vision Scotland patients see the same surgeon at their first appointment, through surgery and follow up care and any time after that if needed. All our patients will also receive their surgeon’s personal contact details for complete peace of mind.

Granddaughter with granny after cataract surgery
The Edinburgh Clinic where Vision Scotland performs cataract surgery

Choice of location

Vision Scotland provides care at a number of clinics and hospitals across central Scotland, so your travelling is minimised.

Great feedback

Check out what patients have been saying about Vision Scotland on Trustpilot over the last few years!

Young lady looking happy by the sea after lens replacement consultation with Mr Sanjay Mantry

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