Vision Scotland : Everything you need to know

Your RLE consultation

Your initial surgical consultation will take about 60 minutes. You will meet your team and see our exceptional facilities. We will take time to understand your health and vision.

Everything you need to know

Your RLE consultation

Your initial consultation takes about 60 minutes but it’s a really important part of the process as you’ll get to meet our team, see the expectational facilities in our private hospital and gives us the opportunity to fully understand your health and vision, and answer any questions and concerns you might have.
Vision Scotland Optometrist Cat talking to a patient

Vision Scotland's Optometrists

To fully assess your needs, our experienced optometrists will perform a few non-invasive, pain-free tests. These diagnostics give your Consultant surgeon the information he needs to understand if surgery is right for you. We will help you understand the lens options available to you and advise you on which lenses are best suited to your eyes. We will only recommend surgery if we believe it will make a positive difference to you.

Vision Scotland's Surgeons

When you meet your surgeon, please ask as many questions as you like. We know surgery is daunting and we will do our best to make sure you feel prepared and comfortable. If you choose to go ahead, you can book your procedure – or you can wait until you are ready. You will never be rushed to make a decision about surgery.

Directors of Vision Scotland, Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr Sanjay Mantry

Meet the surgeons

Meet the optometrists

Meet the care team

Mr Sanjay Mantry talking to a patient about RLE surgery

Preparing for your Vision Scotland consultation

Prior to your first visit we need you to take a break from contact lens use. If you wear soft lenses, please take a break of at least one week. For hard / gas permeable lenses, take a break of at least ten days. This will allow the surface of your eye to return to its natural curvature and give accurate test results.
If you have recent optician reports, please bring them with you.

Take the time to read through the RLE brochure you were sent when making your appointment. If you don’t have one, request one here. The brochure provides important information about your procedure and the different lens implants available. Patients often feel overwhelmed with the volume of information discussed at their consultation. Feeling familiar with the details provided in our brochure will help you relax at your consultation.

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Your Vision Scotland assessment

Your assessment will take an hour. We will usually put drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils. These are similar to those used at the opticians. Your eyes will be sensitive to light so it is best to ask someone to drive you home.
During consultation you will complete a medical history form and undergo a number of non-invasive optical tests, including an examination of the front and back of your eye. You will be counselled on the best options for your treatment. If you are happy that you have decided to go ahead with treatment, your surgeon will discuss your care plan with you.

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Eleanor, Optometrist at Vision Scotland

Download a Vision Scotland brochure about RLE surgery