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At Vision Scotland we do our best to provide clear pricing with no surprises. After consultation, you will receive your final cost. For now, here are the most common costs for treatments.

0% finance

We offer a 0% finance package, so you can spread the cost over a number of months. 

Cataract surgery prices

*only one consultation and diagnostic charge if two eyes
**Including consultation and pre op diagnostics. Diagnostic scans for Stirling may affect the total cost.
***Relevant diagnostic scan costs are not included.
Guide price per eye

RLE surgery prices

*only one consultation and diagnostic charge if two eyes

Guide price per eye

Vitreo retinal surgery prices


(consultation not included)

Laser eye surgery

***£100 consultation fee which is deducted from surgery price

Other surgery prices

*only one consultation and diagnostic charge if two eyes

*Corneal cross linking consultation is £350 **ICL consultation fee is free in Glasgow only. †Three treatments usually required.

National experts in cataract surgery

Most cataract surgeons in the UK perform 300-400 cataract operations each year. Vision Scotland surgeons perform 2000 cataract operations each year and are recognised national experts in their field. As a result of this they are often asked to treat patients whose cataracts are high risk/complex/advanced cases which carry a longer surgical time, a higher risk of complications and additional surgery, and which require their expertise for the best chances of a good outcome.

If you require ‘complex’ surgery, we apply an additional 20% surcharge to the standard cost of surgery. Your clinical issue and any additional costs will be discussed with you at your consultation.

In general, the best candidates for complex eye surgery are people who:

Early treatment

Please note that cataracts are no different from any other health condition. early treatment means safer surgery, easier surgery and quicker surgery. early treatment also means a smoother recovery, less time spent struggling with worsening cataracts, and more years spent enjoying the results. there is also good evidence that early cataract surgery reduces falls, fractures, depression, insomnia and social functioning.
cataract surgery expert in scotland

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