West Highland Way Charity Challenge

We have something special planned for September 3rd. The Vision Scotland team will be taking on a West Highland Way walking / running challenge in aid of the Vision Scotland’s ‘Sight Saving Surgery’ fundraiser. The Vision Scotland team will be joined by some of our community optometrist colleagues who will also be participating in the hike or joining the support team. 

What ‘s involved?

Participants will choose to run or walk this event. 

44 Miles from Fort William to Tyndrum (Strathfillan Wigwams)

24 Miles from Fort William to Glencoe

The 44 mile endurance hike will be physically and mentally challenging but also incredibly rewarding, life-affirming and team bonding. Both Consultant Surgeons, Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr Sanjay Mantry will be on this route.
For the 24 mile route, participants will walk the first half of the longer route but will stop at Glencoe where our support crew will take finishers to the end.


Sight Saving Surgery in Scotland.
The greatest impact we can make in raising funds is the choose something that we can make maximum impact.
All funds raised will be used to cover the concrete costs of cataract surgery for people in Scotland who have been waiting for a long time for treatment with the NHS and who’s lives are severely impacted by their cataracts.
Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr  Sanjay Mantry will give their time free of charge. 
We will work with our local community optometrist colleagues to select suitable candidates.
If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser, here is our

west highland charity challenge

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