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We understand that you have a choice of clinics. We also know this is a really important decision for you. We hope you choose safe, effective treatment and friendly care with Vision Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

A member of our dedicated patient care team will call you to discuss your eye surgery. We can give you further information, and make an appointment for you. If you come to see us for a consultation and decide to have treatment, we will usually be able to offer you a date either one or two weeks later. There is no obligation at any stage of your journey. You know what is best for you and you should never feel pressurised into having a surgical procedure.
Unfortunately not. We are not able to provide NHS funded treatment. You can pay for your own treatment or pay with health insurance if you have a policy. A number of our clinics can also offer 0% finance if you would find paying across a number of months easier for your budget.
No, not necessarily. It is helpful to have a referral from your optometrist as it contains valuable information about your prescription but you can contact us directly to make an appointment. If you have recently had an eye test then we can liaise with your optometrist to have a referral sent over. Your patient care advisor will help you with all of this throughout your treatment. They are there to help you with anything that comes along.
If you’re not sure if treatment is right for you. We recommend calling our enquiry line and having a chat with a member of the patient care team. They will be able to help answer any specific questions you have about treatment and can also advise on whether your eye condition is better treated sooner rather than later. For a number of conditions, we are able to arrange free, no-obligation consultations with one of our specialist optometrists so you can find out a little bit more about your eyes and get some expert advice before making a decision.