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What are cataracts?

If your vision is cloudy, you could be suffering from cataracts. The lens in your eye, which is usually transparent becomes opaque. Cataracts are more common as we age and can only be treated with surgery.

Types of cataract

Inside your eye (behind the coloured iris) is a lens which changes shape to provide focusing from near to distance and vice versa. Your lens is made of a transparent protein called crystalin. When crystalin becomes old or damaged it loses its transparency and turns cloudy.

Nuclear sclerosis

This turns your lens yellow and affects your colour vision. And as you become more short-sighted you will also need to wear stronger glasses.


This turns your lens yellow and affects your colour vision. And as you become more short-sighted you will also need to wear stronger glasses.

Posterior subcapsular

You’ll notice a big impact quite quickly as this fast growing cataract clouds your vision. It’s usually age related but can also be brought on by medical conditions such as diabetes.

Pricing Examples

We do our best to make pricing clear and transparent. We encourage you to speak to our patient care team if you would like to talk through the options.

Monofocal Lens

£ 2500 starting price per eye
  • 0% interest free available
  • Achieve 20:20 vision
  • Bin glasses & contact lenses

Trifocal Lens

£ 3650 starting price per eye
  • 0% interest free available
  • Achieve 20:20 vision
  • Bin glasses & contact lenses

Why choose Vision Scotland?

Every year we help thousands of patients through cataract surgery so they can focus on living their life with more confidence and better vision.  It all starts with a consultation at Vision Scotland.

Diagnostic testing for RLE surgery at Vision Scotland

World Class Safety

Our vision correction surgeons perform over 4,000 eye surgeries every year and offer world class low complication rates.

Directors of Vision Scotland, Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr Sanjay Mantry

Choose your surgeon

At Vision Scotland, our surgeons are amongst the safest and most experienced eye surgeons in Europe.

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Achieve 20:20 vision

Our diagnostic tests are state of the art, carried out by some of the best Optometrists in Scotland.

More than just a consultation

Your consultation is the first step in your journey to treatment. You will meet one of our diagnostic specialists and your consultant surgeon. The whole appointment takes appointment takes approximately one hour.
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Vision Scotland help thousands to improve their vision.

Our Eye Centre

Book an appointment at one of Vision Scotland’s specialist hospitals for complete peace of mind. Your sight and eye health are in our Consultant ophthalmologists expert hands. We have hospitals in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. In each you will always find excellent facilities, the very latest equipment and a friendly, expert team dedicated to your care.

Exceptional aftercare

Vision Scotland patients see the same surgeon at their first appointment, through surgery and follow up care and any time after that if needed. All our patients will also receive their surgeon’s personal contact details for complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very common procedure for the consultants at Vision Scotland so there is  nothing to worry about. We’ll numb the eye before making a small incision in the surface of the eye. It’s not as bad as it sounds – we promise. Then we use ultrasound to dissolve the natural, cloudy lens. Once that’s done we’ll replace it with an artificial lens and that’s it. The eye will heal itself in just a couple of days.

All surgery has risks but cataract surgery is one of the safest. Every year in the UK around 400,000 are carried out – and the success rate is above 98%. With Vision Scotland, it’s actually above 99.5%.

The sooner the better really – it increases the chance of success and you can enjoy better vision sooner.

You’ll be surprised how quick it’s all over. You shouldn’t be in theatre for more than 20 minutes – but you should expect to be at one of Vision Scotland’s private hospitals for 3-4 hours.

You’ll leave theatre wearing clear shields (to protect your eyes while they heal) and rest for a couple of hours in our recovery suite. Before being discharged our ophthalmologist will come and make sure everything is okay and talk you through your Vision Scotland tailor-made aftercare plan. Once home, make sure you rest and use your antibiotic eye drops as directed. You’ll find your vision is better than before the surgery in just a few days and will continue to improve over the next few weeks.
You can’t – but please don’t try. Your eye is held securely in position during surgery. Just sit back and relax and it’ll all be over before you know it.
Cataracts never heals itself – it only gets worse. Your vision will gradually deteriorate as colours and brightness become increasingly dull – eventually leading to blindness.
Don’t wait for treatment. Visit one of our private clinics in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, and enjoy fast, effective treatment from some of the UK’s leading eye care specialists.